Thank you for stopping by, I hoped you would, and I hope you are wanting to help me find my forever home? I have been waiting for such a long time.


My previous home had people who scared me and did not treat me well. Fortunately, I was eventually taken to a rescue who vowed to care for me until I found my perfect home. So here I am waiting for that special person to come for me.


I have been hoping my future will be much kinder to me and I can find the home I so deserve and although I am being fostered at a rescue, I still am such a happy little girl. I love to sit on the laps of those I trust and give kisses, many, many kisses. I do great on my leash but occasionally I walk by a dog that really scares me and I react in an unladylike manner. For that reason it is best that I be an only dog in my new home. I am getting better with my fear though because I’ve come to realize that not every human or dog will hurt me. I am hoping that my new home has no other animals; a home where everyone will love me and is willing to be patient as I adjust to my new surroundings.


I love almost everyone I meet but I am very apprehensive meeting people for the first time. You see, I am still not sure that I am not going to be hurt again so it takes me a little time to understand and trust you. It only takes a few sniffs to know though that you are there to love me, not hurt me. You know what they say “You’re nobody until you’ve been sniffed by a dog.”


Could you find it in your heart to give me that second chance? I would really love to be home again where I can find forever love, peace and contentment. Please e-mail me at I would love to meet you.


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Hugs and kisses, love Luna